Japanese Visual-Kei corruption exposed

The Japanese music industry is a dynamic and a colorful industry but don’t take it into face value and the music business has never claimed to be a “clean industry” where under-the-table deals were made for a band to make it big in this cut throat industry especially in the visual-kei music scene.

Tokyo Damage Report has interviewed a former visual-kei executive going by the name of “Satoh-san” and exposed the dark side of the industry which only a few know of. In the interview, Satoh-san always mentions of “yakuza”, “prostitution” and “drugs” as well as top visual-kei bands like Malice Mizer and Dir En Grey to name a few with Yoshiki of X-Japan pulling the strings.

You can read the lengthy interview over at Tokyo Damage Report.

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2 Responses to Japanese Visual-Kei corruption exposed

  1. Luna says:

    Please spell Dir en grey correctly, if you have to mention them…
    Having a band name written wrong on a news blog is kinda…not so good 😉

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