Pocky x Love Plus Valentine’s Day Promotion

We all know today is Valentine’s Day is the 2nd most marketable and profitable event (next to Christmas) conspired by a syndicate of flower shops, chocolate companies, hotels and restaurant owners a celebration of hearts where we show love to our significant other. For us who does not have a partner, this day is also called “Single Awareness Day.”

Konami is here to help us to secure a partner for this Heart’s Day with their love simulation game, Love Plus. In order to promote the game, they have partnered with Pocky.

Konami and Pocky have hired 10 cute girls dressed in school girl uniforms to promote the game during Heart’s Day. The girls gave out gift packs to random men on the streets.

Each gift pack that these girls give out contains a box of Pocky that corresponds to the main girls of the game and an Augmented Reality device that is shaped like a heart.

[Source: 4Gamer.net and Famitsu]

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