Brace yourself for the impact, PS3 gamers!

Playstation 3 gamers, beware the months of February and March.

For those in the know, those are the two months wherein gamers of the PS3 will have their money bled dry with all the RPGs coming out for Sony’s gaming console. The whole frenzy starts on the 2nd of February and will last until the end of March.

For those who haven’t been so update with the gaming world of the PS3, here’s a shortlist of the games to be released for the upcoming two months.

For the month of February:

2nd – White Knight Chronicles International Edition

Developer: Level 5

A party to celebrate a princess’ coming of age goes horribly wrong when a rogue sect tries to steal an ancient weapon sealed beneath the castle in order to take over the whole world. One of the guests, amidst the chaos, accidentally unlocks the powers of the ancient weapon and is now on a mission to pursue the sect and to save the princess.

Get this if:

-you want to play online with your friends and do quests together. The stand-alone feature is nice, but it is worth getting if you have a stable internet connection and you have friends to do quests with.

8th – Star Ocean The Last Hope: International

Developer: Tri-Ace &Square Enix

Two protagonists are chosen to seek out the new worlds beyond the stars.

Released in the Xbox 360 some years ago, which was supposedly ‘exclusive’, it now makes its way to the PS3.

Get this if:

-you love the Star Ocean series, and you don’t mind getting this again for the exclusives like more language options [English and Japanese can be chosen for the dialogue], as well as some ‘PS3 exclusives’ that weren’t released on the Xbox 360.

16th – Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

Developer: Omega Force

Dynatasty Warriors in online mode through the PS3.

Get this if:

-you have friends to play with online. Some say that the game is difficult to play in a solo campaign.

18th – Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition

Developer: Capcom

With the use of Sony’s new motion control remote, this game will feature an extra episode.

Get this if:

– you don’t mind spending extra for the motion remote

23rd – Heavy Rain

Developer: Quantic Dream

A psychological crime thriller game combined with the ‘Choose Your Own Nightmare’ series in PS3 form. The choices you make will deeply affect the course of the game, as well as the ending. If the player dies, it isn’t game over though.

Get this if:

-you’re the type to choose your own endings in videogames

23rd – Last Rebellion

Developer: Hit Maker

After getting murdered by his brother, the male protagonist wants revenge. In order to do so, he is forced to share both his body and soul with a female Sealer [magic user] who has been locked up for years because of a disaster she caused when her powers went out of control.

Get this if:

-you’re a dungeon-crawler type of gamer

For the month of March:

9th – Final Fantasy XIII Developer: Square-Enix

The female version of Cloud Strife defies the odds to save her younger sister, who has been crystallized after unknowingly fulfilling the wish of the mechanical beings with god-like powers called the fal’Cie.The long-awaited series to the Final Fantasy series, this is the game many have been waiting for, despite the complains on the linearity of it.

Get this if:

-if you want to see and/or experience with your own eyes the complains of many regarding this game

9th – Resonance of Fate, a.k.a. End of Eternity

Developer: Sega

A classic tale of the elite living in the luxurious apartments at the top of a device while the lower class are stuck living at the base, everything goes horribly wrong when the device starts malfunctioning.

The catch?

The device is used to purify the environment because the Earth had gone through a drastic change.

Get this if:

-you’re into trigger-happying your enemies [the playable characters use guns and do some stunts in the air while firing at the enemy]

9th – Yakuza 3

Developer: Amusement Vision

The sequel to Yakuza and Yakuza 2, this sequel continues the adventures of Kazama Kiryu. This time around, he has to fight to protect his new sanctuary, which is an orphanage.

Get this if:

-you’re into the Japanese culture, most especially if you’re interested about the yakuza.

-you’re into GTA, but you prefer the main guy to be Asian.

30th – Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City

Developer: Rockstar North

This is a stand-alone game featuring two episodes: The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony from the Xbox 360.

Get this if:

-you were patient enough not to buy an Xbox 360 just to play the two aforementioned games.

Take note that the games listed isn’t the complete list for the game releases for North America. When in doubt, consult your trusty google search engine to find out more about the games listed above, as well as to check out the game boards. Who knows, you might find out what you’re looking for.

Source: Gamefaqs

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